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The clients who come to us at Legacy Treatment Center have typically experienced some form of trauma, and may have experienced complex and/or chronic trauma. As a result, therapy needs to be trauma-informed and clients need access to specific trauma modalities in order to be effective. Unfortunately, treatment often focuses on the presenting diagnoses, such as substance abuse, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and overall behavioral issues. But as we drill down into the causes of these behavioral and emotional difficulties there are, more often than not, traumatic events that have triggered negative and even dangerous coping skills.

This is true for the clients at Legacy. They exhibit destructive and addictive behaviors, and often feel worthless, rejected, and “not enough.” Helping them to discover who they really are and to begin to let go of the negative messages and behaviors that have been internalized and habitualized because of trauma is central to our work at Legacy. All of our treatment is trauma informed. We use specific trauma modalities such as EMDR, Internal Family Systems Theory (IFS), guided imageries and specialized meditation, DBT, mindfulness practices, yoga, and other methods to treat trauma.