Legacy Treatment Center

Medical Services

Every Legacy Treatment Center client receives a full physical exam at the time of intake at the local medical clinic. Additionally, if medical issues arise after intake, our staff are trained to triage and refer concerns to our full-time, on-site nursing staff. We have a nurse either at the facility or on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At Legacy Treatment Center, our clients will have some opportunity for experiencing the outdoors- hiking, fishing, biking, etc. For most clients who have been struggling with mental health issues and/or substance abuse, working out at the gym has not been a top priority. Accordingly, we scale the level of physical exertion for our adventures each week to match the capacity of the clients in the group.

Our Medical Director is also the administrator of the local medical clinic and he and his staff not only conduct the physical exams, but are available to address any medical concerns that may arise. We have access to specialists, dentists, and emergency care, including hospitalization if necessary. Having staff with the clients 24/7 who are trained in first aid increases the safety and speed with which any medical concerns can be addressed.