Legacy Treatment Center

Psychiatric Services

Medical concept, patients listen to advice from medical professionals.

We recognize that treatment and healing are often aided by medication which can help clients to overcome depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other mental health challenges. Some of our clients come to the program already having found a medication or combination of medications that assist in their treatment. Others need modifications to their medications and/or need to start a new medication in order to maximize the benefits of therapy.

Legacy Treatment Center has a full medical staff including a program psychiatrist who conducts full psychiatric assessments, does medication follow-up appointments, as well as psychiatric consultations. Additionally, we have a full-time, on-site nurse, a Medical Director, and access to a local medical clinic. These professionals not only have expertise in their specialties but also have experience treating mental health issues in an outdoor therapeutic environment. Working together as a team, they can assess, prescribe, modify, and monitor all client medications to make sure they are of maximum benefit to each individual client.